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07/10/2017 Board of Health Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

Clark County Board of Health

Regular Board Meeting:

            Monday, July 10, 2017– 6:30 p.m. in the Health Department Office

                            997 N. York Street

                           Martinsville, IL


Tentative Agenda:

1.Call to order

2.Roll call of members present

3.Election of Officers

4.Approval of minutes from regular meeting June 8, 2017

5.Officers and administrator’s reports

6.Committee reports

7.Approve July claim list.

8.New Business (continued)

  1. 2018 Budget
  2. International Travel vaccinations

9.Old Business

10.Public Comments

11.        Executive Session if needed             

12.       Adjournment


Notice to comply with the State of Illinois Open Meeting Act

Submitted by Cathy Hayden, Administrator on June 29, 2017