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997 N York Street
PO Box 266
Martinsville, IL 62442
P: 217-382-4207
F: 217-382-4226

8 am-4 pm
By Appointment


   * CCHD SERVICES - CCHD Services 






If you were unable to complete your Marketplace application by March 31st due to problems with the website or call center you can still complete it. Go to and log into your account and finish the application. You have until April 15th to complete the application and pay the first month's premium to the insurance company. Call 217-382-4207 if you have questions or would like an appointment to get help with enrollment.



If you applied for Medicaid during the Open Enrollment Period and are denied coverage, you have 60 days to apply on the Marketplace for health insurance in a Special Enrollment Period. Call 217-382-4207 for more information or to make an appointment.



  There will be a FSSMC Class and Refresher Course held in Clark County during the beginning of April. The Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification is a coveted license within the Illinois Restaurant Industry and only requires renewal once every 5 years after initial certification. Space for the class is limited, so if you wish to test for the certification or renew your existing certification please contact Cody at the Clark County Health Department for details - phone number 217-382-4207.  







 Did you know:

Babies have growth spurts at around 1-2 weeks, 6 weeks, 2-3 months, and 4-6 months of age. During these times you will notice they want to nurse more often. This is normal. Continue to feed your baby on damand.

And remember. . .

Breastmilk is FREE!




Child Abuse Prevention Month

March for Babies

National Autism Awareness Month






If you have an emergency situation - seek the nearest emergency room,
contact your Health Care Provider, call the sheriff's office at 826-6393
or call 911.